About the initiative

The look of a visionary

At Jay Hind, we believe a great statesman is like a good scam:  bearded on the surface, smiling beneath.

Suresh Kalmadi is one such man. To rephrase what Einstein said about Mahatma Gandhi – “Generations to come will look at this man’s unofficial income and say: WHAT THE FUCK!”

CWG has been a one-stop showcase for Mr. Kalmadi’s vision – he set-out to do what no other man in the history could even dare to think of – to begin the END of the colonial-hangover called CommonWealth Games, to put the Queen’s baton back into the Royal a** of our former rulers, to give India it’s first International standard failure almost as grand as Munich-1972 and Atlanta-1996, to build stadiums so great that even its walls and roofs come down in awe, and to help the national capital get rid of that last sign of our depresisng past, Kanaat Place, also known as CP amongst bureaucratic circles and clueless teenagers. All this, while making a cool buck for himself and his fellow countrymen. (Around 40 of them, as per a rough estimate.)

All this and ‘much more’ make Mr. Kalmadi a man who will get beards of the world, its lost respect back. And only that, nothing more, is our reason for this public service initiative.

P.S. – Please don’t mind, if you see the same text on more than one pages of this site. As per GoI directives – we are filing out every appeal in triplicate.


3 responses to “About the initiative

  1. Party Greens

    I strongly support this movement ! 😛

  2. Demolition Expert

    I utterly and heart-feltly support this movement. I respect him cause ever since he started building the Stadiums, I never will have to worry about- “How the hell will I demolish this thing!” Mr Kalmadi is a National Hero and should be given a Bharat Ratna at least to acknowledge his duty …

  3. Hey Sumeet..
    What is the procedure to vote..
    Let me know if suresh kalmadi got bharat ratana and you withdrawn the vote button.


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